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The TTA Books

This page is about the books in the Terran Trade Authority series.  It is divided into two main sections, a list of the original books from the late seventies and early eighties, and a list of the recent books by Morrigan Press c. 2006-7.  I also am compiling a list of changes between the old (SC1) and new (SC2) edition of Spacecraft.

Classic books

Galactic Encounters Series

This was a series of books released by Cowley under the psuedonym Steven Caldwell, for a different publisher.  They are, by the author's own admission, of generally lower quality than the main series, and largely composed of art that was rejected from use in the main TTA series.  They are considered non-canonical from the standpoint of the Morrigan RPG.  However, since they share an author, style, and several setting elements with the TTA handbooks (planets, ships, technologies, etc.), I include them here in the interests of completeness as well as on the chance that RPG players and GMs may find them a source of useful ideas.  Much of this info comes from Philip Banks' page.

New books by Morrigan Press (2006-)

Art Books

RPG Books