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TTA add-ons for Celestia

[Alshain IV Image] Celestia is a free, open-source, cross-platform, virtual planetarium program originally written by Chris Laurel.  It allows the user to explore not only the known universe, but also the unknown universe: the data the program uses can be (and frequently is) expanded by its users.  These expansions are called "add-ons".  Many are available from the Celestia Motherload.

This page contains add-ons that will place the various TTA worlds and their related solar systems into the program.  They usually consist of one or more of Celestia's SSC-format data files to add the various planets and moons in their correct orbits, textures for the most interesting planetary surfaces, and an Open Document format .ods spreadsheet containing the original data (this is what I use to make the SSC data files).

Note: Some of the worlds reuse existing Celestia textures (typically from Earth's Solar System) as stand-ins for the minor bodies, while the major bodies of interest have their own custom textures. For those with custom textures, both the lores (1024x512) and medium res (2048x1024) textures are included.

To install these add-ons, unzip the file that you download into your Celestia/Extras directory, and preserve the path of the files so they end up in the right places:

SSC files - celestia/extras/TTA/
Textures - celestia/extras/TTA/textures/medres or celestia/extras/TTA/textures/lowres
Spreadsheets - celestia/extras/TTA/spreadsheets/worlds
[Ozymandias Image]
The version numbers under the "Full Add-on" column are the major release number of the add-on.  This mostly only changes when I make significant alterations to the whole system (especially if these involve new versions of the textures).  For the most part, the file linked to the latest of these is the one you want to download.

The numbers under the "Latest SSC revision" column are the revision number of the SSC file itself (and they link to a copy thereof, with no textures or other files included).   If this number if higher than the one in the SSC file that comes with the latest Full Add-on, I italicize and bold it to let you know that this is a patched version to fix some problem.  You can check which SSC file you have currently by looking at it in a text editor; the revision number is at the top.

TTA concept and material originally published as Spacecraft: 2000 to 2100 AD, Copyright ©1990 Stewart Cowley, and licensed to Morrigan Press Inc.  Used with permission.

The Core Worlds

System Full Add-on Latest SSC revision Notes System Page
Alpha Centauri A/B v1, v2 1.8 Official Alpha I and III texture courtesy Adrian Mann. Link
Proxima Centauri v1, v2 1.5   Link
Terra N/A N/A Comes with Celestia N/A
Common files v1 N/A This doesn't add a system, it simply contains general-purpose textures I use in several systems.  This is so I don't have to include a copy of these textures with every system that uses them, which makes the files smaller overall.  You will probably want to grab this file. N/A

Other Worlds

System Full Add-on Latest SSC revision Notes System Page
Alshain v1, v2 1.8 John Reiher's version of Alshain IV's system.  v2 includes my new Alshain IV texture. [GSB] Link
Arcturus v1, v2 1.10 My non-canon version of mankind's first extrasolar colony [SC1] Link
Barnard's Star v1, v2 1.8 Alphan Mining Outpost [SC1] Link
Capella A/B Coming soon 0.0 The Capellan mutant refugee colony. [GSB] Link
Laguna (Beta Hydri) v1, v2 1.7 Instigator of the Lagunan War. [GSB] Link
Sigma Draconis v1, v2 1.10 A largely unexplored system and world, ripe for development.  Non-canon.
18 Scorpii Coming soon 0.0 Home system of the Matans [GE:AiS].  The Matan system in the book was Eta Pegasi, but that star has a close stellar companion that would disrupt the system that was described. Link
55 Cancri Coming soon 0.0 Home system of the Magicians [GE:AiS].  The Magician's world in the book, Nova Nevada, was in the Beta Hydri system, but that is already taken by Laguna.  It seems implausible that they would both be there. Link
Epsilon Eridani Coming soon 0.0 A very young system with a heavy presence of Terran research and industrial interests. [RPG] Link

Miscellaneous Files

File Full Add-on Latest SSC revision Notes
Miscellaneous Systems v1, v2 1.4 Contains several small systems: Sirius III [SC1], Lalande 21185 [SC1], Asterion [GSB and SW], Luyten 668-21B & Grm (non-canon), and Teide 1 (non-canon)
Blank Celestia spreadsheet Coming Soon N/A This is a blank copy of the latest version of my Celestia System-creation spreadsheet.  It is in OpenDocument ODS format.  Also includes instructions on using the thing.
Alphan Stag Beetle Coming soon 0.0 Places an Alphan Stag Beetle into orbit around Barnard's Star III.  Requires the Barnard's Star add-on above.
Proximan Shark Coming soon 0.0 Places a Proximan Shark in orbit around Proxima II.  Requires the Proxima Centauri add-on above.
Tour of the core worlds N/A 1.4 A Celestia .cel script highlighting some of the features of the core worlds.  Requires the Alphan and Proximan add-ons.  Revision 1.4 fixes a problem caused by changing Alpha B-2 to Alpha B-II in v2 of the alphan file, as well as referring to Proxima IV as Proxima II