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This section of the site is about the Terran Trade Authority Handbooks and my relationship with them over the years.  The primary point of interest from the standpoint of people already familiar with the series are the 3D models that I've done of a few of the ships.

TTA concept and material originally published as Spacecraft: 2000 to 2100 AD, Copyright ©1990 Stewart Cowley, and licensed to Morrigan Press Inc.  Used with permission.


And, of course...

Ships of the TTA

SharkMinnowPiranhaTroopship LimaK333 Mjollnir

To see these images, please visit my TTA gallery (currently down). Ships featured:
I've been working on a few new entries.  
BirdsnestInterstellar QueenTDA Fast Strike ShipMule (WIP)SSF-21D Cutlass (WIP)Astrolab (WIP)