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Alshain is the common name of Beta Aquilae A, a G8IV star 44 light-years from Sol. Alshain has a companion star, Beta Aquilae B (aka Alshain B), a red dwarf with a mean distance of 175 AU.  Both stars have planetary systems.


Alshain I

A mercury sized airless body, tidally locked to its star, with one moon.

Alshain II

An earth-sized world with no atmosphere.

Alshain III

A high-gravity venusian hothouse.

Alshain IV

The only inhabitable planet in the system, Alshain IV largely consists of desert and mountainous terrain.  It is the homeworld of a dying civilization, in the aftermath of their global war.  Due to use of nuclear weapons in the war, the equatorial regions contain zones of strong radioactivity.

Alshain V

An ice world with one moon.  The moon is nearly as dense as iron due to its unusually high metal content, and as a result is capable of orbitting rather close to Alshain V without being destroyed.  Thanks to this proximity, the moon shares the planet's atmospheric envelope.

Alshain VI

A rocky world.

Alshain B

Alshain B-I

rock, tidally locked, one moon

Alshain B-II

rock, tidally locked

Alshain B-III

Ice, one moon

Alshain B-IV

Rock, one moon

Alshain B-V


Alshain B-VI


Alshain B-VII