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Barnard's Star

Barnard's Star is a red dwarf 6 light-years from Sol, famous for having the highest proper motion (movement across the sky from earth's point of view) of any star. There are four planets occupying a narrow band of orbits near the primary.

Barnard I

A small world, rather like Mars.  It orbits at 8% of Earth's distance from the sun, has a strong inclination from the ecliptic, and is tidally locked.  Due to the thin atmosphere and proximity to the star, this planet is constantly bathed in strong radiation and the day side is uninhabitable.

Barnard II

A rocky and cold world, somewhat smaller than Earth.  It has a thin atmosphere, resulting in slower erosion of the surface.  A mysterious spacecraft of unknown origin was discovered here.

Barnard III

A roughly earth-sized world.  It was an important source of metals and other resources for Alpha Centauri during the Proximan War, but it was attacked in one of the enemy's last major actions and the surface was heavily contaminated by radiation.  There are two orbital bands of captive heavy metal satellites.

Barnard IV

An icy planet.