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Laguna is the common name of Beta Hydri, a G1IV star 24 light-years from Sol. It has a densely packed inner system, consisting of nine planets within 1 AU of the star. The inner three planets are extremely hot and airless.  The ninth planet is most famous for being the birthplace of the Laguna War

Laguna I

Barely more than a cinder, this small, airless planet orbits a mere sixteen percent of the Earth's distance from the sun, and is hotter than the planet Mercury. It is tidally locked.

Laguna II

Much like the innermost world, Laguna II is small, hot, and airless. It is roughly the size of mercury.

Laguna III

Airless and hot.

Laguna IV

Laguna IV is a venus-like planet.

Laguna V and Laguna VI

This is a double planet system.

Laguna VII

Laguna VII is an important mining colony and source of a substance used to combat a disease amongst the Lagunans.

Laguna VIII

A tiny body in an extremely inclined orbit

Laguna IX

Homeworld of the Lagunans, both the extinct native species as well as those who took over their civilization.


An important mining outpost and port situated on an outer system asteroid.